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Join our team at Altero, a consulting strategy firm specialized in succession, takeover and leadership development, family business succession, organizational design and mergers and acquisitions.

Join our team

Our team is dedicated to using our individual strengths to power our pragmatic approach and client partnerships. This has earned us the trust of influential companies across Canada and makes Altero a career destination for talented business transition experts looking to thrive.

We really

Whether for a client or a colleague, we are genuinely committed to finding solutions that work. We will help you reach the goals that matter to you.

We are

We navigate easily through various situations, combining our expertise and on-the-ground experience to mobilize and advance teams with concrete proposals.


With our team and our clients, we co-create transparently, share candidly, and act with tact to build and maintain trusting relationships.


We see challenges as learning opportunities. That spirit of openness lets us do things differently and refine our practice.

What we stand for

What we have to offer

Our Promise

We believe that your professional ambitions and personal goals are both essential to your career fulfillment. The right conditions can help you achieve them.

We are always looking for talent

  • Day-to-day responsibilities include:

    Managing projects, stakeholders and client engagement, particularly during acquisitions and mergers: develop governance, prepare communications plans and tools, create roadmaps, and advise clients.

    Developing strategies for change management: creating and overseeing the implementation of plans and associated activities, accompanying stakeholders throughout.

    Organizational design: lead interviews, analyze impact and risk, prepare summaries and recommendations.

    Facilitate leadership development: evaluate strengths and areas to develop in individuals and teams, design team building workshops, support succession planning and processes.

    Prepare reports and tools: clearly communicate findings, prepare high-quality deliverables that respond to the specific needs of each client.

  • Day-to-day responsibilities include:

    Support the team of consultants in their mandates: write communication documents, prepare reports and analyses throughout acquisition and merger mandates.

    Prepare high-quality deliverables that respond to the needs of each client: write and produce reports, develop tools and a path forward while clearly communicating assessments.

Join the Team

Co-creation that Counts

Be part of decision-making in an environment that fosters collaboration, a free exchange of ideas, and agility.

Autonomy to Lead

See your individual strengths come to life as we work with you to leverage your talents, competencies, and leadership.

Space to Grow

Work without billing targets and gain development through diverse projects, coaching, peer mentoring, training, and certifications.

Advantageous Group Insurance

A comprehensive program that includes medical and dental coverage, professional health services, and access to telemedicine.

Competitive Flexibility

Enjoy a flexible schedule and work hours at the office or remotely, four weeks of vacation, and office closure over the holidays.

Community Involvement

Each year, we get involved with organizations that are important to us. Join and grow our ongoing commitment.

Ready to see your skills make an impact?

Expertise in change management, project management, leadership development, and/or organizational design

Ready to see your skills make an impact?

Pragmatism and strategic thinking

Ready to see your skills make an impact?

Proven experience delivering high-quality output

Ready to see your skills make an impact?

Demonstrated rigor

Ready to see your skills make an impact?

Collaborative spirit

Ready to see your skills make an impact?

Willingness to keep learning and understanding

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